Goat Rocks

Goat Rocks Wilderness Area, WA
  • IMG 5098  We started off in the fog, not knowing if we'd ever see the sun today.
  • IMG 5108  We needn't have worried.  The cloud layer only extended to 5,000 feet.
  • IMG 5110  Wildflowers graced the trail.
  • IMG 5112 1  The views became increasingly spectacular as we climbed Goat Ridge.
  • IMG 5117  The ridge continues northward, but Hawkeye Point was our destination.
  • IMG 5116  Goat Lake and Old Snowy provide the southern outlook from Hawkeye Point.
  • IMG 5115  Fortunately, we shared the summit with other talented photographers.
  • IMG 5119  This is as much as we saw of Mt. Rainier, to our north.  Clouds below us, fire-induced haze above us, only a thin layer of clear in between.
  • IMG 5120 1  The layer of haze was about level with the top of Mt. St. Helens, to our west.
  • IMG 5121  The base of Mt. Adams was also visible to the south.
  • IMG 5125  With snowfields still present, streams were still running, although the trail was dry and dusty after two rainless months.
  • IMG 5126  Descending, the cloud layer had risen to about 6,000 feet.
  • IMG 5132  Fall was in evidence.
  • IMG 5130  Jeremy paitently waits for his brother to take more pictures.
  • IMG 5137  We finish our journey in the fog-enshrouded forest.